Gaming Stools

We have been manufacturing office chairs and gaming stools since 1986.
Our goal is to help you furnish your gaming area with seating that:

        • Provides superior comfort to your patrons and enhances their gaming experience.
        • Boosts your corporate image.
        • Requires little maintenance to reduce your operational costs.
        • Is durable and gives you value for money.
Value for Money

We understand that value for money is important. At Karo, we manufacture all our casino seating in South Africa and sell our products directly to you. We are not a wholesaler of another manufacturers products. Because we eliminate the middle-man, we ensure that you receive the most competitive price.
Furthermore, should you have any product or service related questions about our products, you can contact us directly. 7 reasons to select Karo gaming stools.

Our experience gives you confidence

Our experience and global customer base gives you the confidence that our products will meet your expectations.

We have been manufacturing ergonomic seating and gaming stools since 1986. Karo has become a well-respected name in casino seating. Our gaming stools can be found in gaming venues located in Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, South America, New Zealand and Australia. Because we have a large global customer base, we are able to gather feedback from clients in different markets. This allows us to constantly improve our designs and quality.
To better service our customers in the Asia-Pacific region, in 2004 we opened a permanent office and distribution centre in Sydney, Australia. How to improve the comfort of your gaming stools.

7-Year Warranty

To give you peace of mind, we have a 7-year warranty on all our casino chairs. All our processes are done in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, and our focus on quality gives you the assurance that our products will last.

Superior comfort for your patrons

“We believe that everyone has the right to sit on a comfortable chair. A comfortable seat allows the players to immerse themselves in the game and stay engaged for longer.”

We design our gaming stools with ergonomics in mind to ensure that they are comfortable, durable and stylish. By including market trends and customer feedback in our designs, we design more comfortable products for your patrons.

Innovative designs to boost your corporate image

Karo was founded by two engineers, and to this day we retain our emphasis on product design and innovation. Our engineering focus helps us to develop new products and components to suit your gaming room.
Because we are in regular contact with our local and international partners, we are able to include their latest components and trends in our designs.

Customise our stools to suit your gaming room

By offering many options and finishes, you can easily customise our products to suit your specific gaming environment.

Improve patron safety and reduce your business risk

If a chair breaks while a patron is sitting on it, the consequences can be extremely serious. Because we use a unique weld-free design for our pedestal gaming stools, we eliminate the potential of a disastrous failure associated with chairs that have welded joints.

Cost effective re-upholstery

Our casino seating uses ‘glue-free upholstery’. This reduces your cost of re-upholstering the chairs and prolongs the life of your investment.
If you glue the upholstery material to the underlying foam, the foam is usually destroyed during the re-upholstery process. This results in:
a) higher cost of re-upholstery
b) the comfort of the chair may be compromised if the correct replacement foam is not readily available.


We know that sustainability is important to you. At Karo, we also take our social responsibility seriously and aim to reduce our impact on the environment. We actively develop processes and systems to reduce, recycle and reuse packaging, components and products.

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